At Gearhead Garage, we specialize in making your dreams become reality. Combining your unique vision with our knowledge of cutting-edge innovations, our custom builds turn your classic car into a modern, high performance hotrod. We blend the latest technology with clean classic styling, giving you the best of both worlds- performance, drivability, safety and reliability all in a custom-classic, muscle car package.

“Pro-Touring is power steering, power brakes, and A/C for all the right reasons.”
“Pro-Touring is a 10-mile length of canyon road with no opposing traffic.”
“Pro-Touring is driving up the coast of California on a summer day with a stout small-block under the hood, a great-handling car, and your favorite lady by your side.”
“Pro-Touring is entering that same corner a little bit faster the next time, just to see if you can.”
“Pro-Touring is knowing you can dust that smug clown in the Porsche in any number of different ways without even breaking a sweat.”
“Pro-Touring is an as-far-as-the-eye-can-see stretch of Montana Freeway, a full tank of gas, and overdrive transmission, and a tail wind.”
“Pro-Touring is constantly looking for an excuse to demonstrate how your Baer-braked Camaro can rearrange your passenger’s internal organs with a massive dose of deceleration.”
“Pro-Touring is wondering what aerodynamic tricks will be needed to push a ’67 Mustang to 200 mph.”
“Pro-Touring is making those mods to your own ’67 Camaro to see what happens to an early Camaro at 175 mph.”
“Pro-Touring is power steering, power brakes, and A/C for all the right reasons.”
“Pro-Touring is spending more time enjoying your car than working on it.”

Performance April 1998 – ”FAST TALK”


There are an infinite number of ways to build a pro-touring car, and perhaps the single greatest thing about the pro-touring genre is the fact that the term is always open to interpretation. Here are a few classifications-

Pro-Touring: A classic muscle car with upgraded and updated suspension components, brake system, drive train and aesthetics, including many of the creature comforts of a new car. Built to function as well or better than some of today’s best performance cars. Pro-Touring cars are built to be driven. Driven on the street, on the race track, on the drag strip, through cones at an auto-cross, no matter the setting, pro-touring cars are meant to be driven. [Generally speaking, late model cars are not considered pro-touring due to their factory designed suspension and brake packages.]

G-Machine: [Once considered to mean the same thing as pro-touring, the term has now evolved to mean a slightly less refined pro-touring car] A classic muscle car with upgraded and updated suspension, brakes, drive train and aesthetics, generally lacking some of the creature comforts one would find in a pro-touring car, such as cup-holders, leather seats, etc., otherwise identical to a pro-touring car.

Street Fighter: [The term is adapted from a European genre of stripped down street bikes to mean stripped down pro-touring cars.] A classic muscle car with heavily modified and upgraded suspension and brake system components, powerful yet functional drive train, and little to no creature comforts. Most Street Fighters lack A/C, big billet wheels, chromed-out engine bays and navigation systems, but sport forged wheels, a roll cage and fabricated parts. Anything not necessary to make the car accelerate, decelerate, or handle better is stripped from the vehicle. Street Fighters are Pro-Touring counter-culture at its best; drivability is sacrificed for performance and function. In the simplest of fashions, Street Fighters can be equated to street legal race cars.

**As stated on ProTouring.com, 2008 - Special Thanks!